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Twitter Revamp Their Profile Pages

With over one fifth of the UK now using Twitter it is so important to make sure that your business is well represented. According to recent research from eMarketer the number of people using Twitter is expected to grow to nearly half of all social media users by 2018. Currently at 30%, users are turning to Twitter more and more to seek out offers, recommendations and information about your company. So does your current Twitter page do you justice? Does it position you as a leading commentator in your field?

Twitter has actually revamped its profile pages this month and will be rolling them out to all users very soon**. Users can now pin tweets to the top of their news feed to highlight their services. And that’s not all, tweets that get more retweets or replies will also appear larger on screen. This is a great opportunity to review your Twitter presence. We can help you design your page so it is consistent with your branding and website. We can then advise on the best way to use the service and make the most of these new opportunities. You may also like to consider content marketing to support your Twitter presence and look at how it is integrated into your current website. It should all work together to make the most of the platforms available to you. So why not refocus your Twitter today and boost your business profile.

*UK Twitter Users and Penetration 2012-2018, Feb 20th 2014, www.eMarketer.com.

People are making buying decisions online quicker than ever

A recent report by Parago showed that the average time for purchasing even large items online is reducing. Many big decisions are now made in less than 4 days and over 95% of those surveyed said they are happy to make retail purchases online.

Online deals and price comparison sites are making it easier for decisions to be made but it’s also getting more competitive with people looking for voucher codes, deals and best prices before purchasing. 88% in those surveyed said they check for deals before shopping and 65% said that price is now more important to them than it was a year ago.

And it’s not just affecting online shopping. Many people are now looking for vouchers online before going to the high street. A huge 50% of those surveyed compare prices instore using smartphones. There is also a range of apps you can download to help compare pricing on the web and the high street. So how can you make your business stand out from the crowd when decisions are being made quickly?

Optomising natural search and appearing on page one means you get more chance of being seen. How many of us now don’t look past the first page of results? Utilising paid keywords or product listing adverts can also help you catch the buyer’s eye. You could consider including voucher codes in useful articles that are placed on other sites, known as Content Marketing or promote offers using social media. Whatever is right for your business, there is no doubt that companies now have to react to the demand for quicker shopping.

Notes: Parago Report – Research conducted during the 2013 peak holiday shopping season. 1,500 people in the US responded to the online survey http://www.multivu.com/mnr/66171-parago-consumer-shopping-report, March 2014.

Searching on mobiles increases

Mobile searching is on the increase, we see it all around us and now Google has confirmed it. More people are using tablets and smartphones to shop on the web than ever before. In 2013 19% of Google’s advertising revenue came from mobile search adverts; almost double that of the previous year. It’s also predicted to rise to over 30% over the next 3 years according to e-Marketer*.

At a recent conference the head of Marin Software, one of the largest web software companies in the US, predicted that mobile devices will account for 50% of US paid search by December 2015. The flexibility of mobiles has meant that more companies are allocating budget to mobile targeted search. Spend in the US rose a massive 45% last year and conversion rates from tablets outdid those of a standard pc for the first time**. So how can you make the most of this rise in activity?

Product listing ads are images selected by Google and displayed on relevant searches. They work particularly well for quick mobile searching, allowing people to see what they are looking for straight away rather than browsing through lots of websites. They work on a cost per click basis, the same as keywords, but they have a picture, price and weblink for the browser to see. They get placed next to similar products so the browser can compare and buy quickly. Definitely one to look at if you sell products online – a great way to make more of the growth in mobile search.

**http://www.marinsoftware.com/resources/whitepapers/mobile-search-advertising-around-the-globe-2014-annual-report via http://searchengineland.com/smartphones-drive-50-percent-google-paid-search-clicks-end-2015-study-187013