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How developments in online marketing can help businesses grow

A business cannot grow without some kind of marketing. Whether it’s word of mouth, a shop front on the high street, or a full page feature spread in a national newspaper, all businesses rely on marketing in some shape or form. The internet has provided a unique form of marketing for businesses of all industries and sizes. This cost-effective way of marketing enables companies to reach global audiences without being constrained by geographical boundaries. Given the wide reach and lucrative return on investment online marketing provides, it’s hardly surprising a report shows that in 2015 71% of companies were planning on investing more into digital marketing budgets.
The exciting and fast-paced world of the internet is constantly witnessing changes as digital technology moves at an eye-wateringly quick pace. For businesses and marketers to optimise their digital marketing strategies, they need to stay abreast of what’s new in the rapidly evolving environment of online marketing.
Effective Group, specialists in generating an online income for clients since 2000, explore how developments in online marketing can help businesses grow.
New SEO tools
In the early ‘noughties’ the term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) blasted onto the scene and became a ubiquitous marketing strategy for businesses to optimise the effectiveness of their website.
Today, SEO remains a vital tool in online marketing but is one that continues to evolve to ensure its effectiveness remains eminent.
New SEO tools seem to arrive on the market each month, designed to augment the effectiveness of SEO campaigns and ultimately aimed at helping businesses grow.
One example of a new SEO tool on the scene that many SEO savvy marketers and companies are sharing their excitement about, is Hotjar. Priding itself on being a “new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors” and to “find your hottest opportunities for growth today,” Hotjar features scrollmaps, headtmaps and video recordings of each visit to a website, designed to optimise site usability and conversions.
Go mobile
In 2008, Mary Meeker, a technology trend analyst at Kleier Perkins Cautfield Byers, made the bold statement:
“Mobile to overtake fixed internet access by 2014.”
And boy was she right. In 2014 research from Telmetrics and xAd, revealed that up to 60% of consumers used their mobile device exclusively to make a purchase decision related to restaurants, entertainment, telecom and auto.
Being able to search for products, research their quality and functionality, read customer reviews and even make purchases whilst on the go, the growth and phenomenal demand for mobile internet has certainly been influential in helping businesses sell their products and services and ultimately grow.
Quite frankly, businesses are no longer merely required to have a website to remain competitive in the 21st century, they need to have a website that is mobile optimised.
With consumers abandoning shopping carts if they are not optimised for mobile devices, staunchly reminding themselves never to visit the site again, businesses simply must optimise their website for mobile in order to remain competitive.
Online communities
Social media has of course taken the online world by storm, generating unique opportunities for businesses to reach out to targeted audiences, generate online rapport with customers, sell more products and services, and ultimately grow.
Though like with all elements of digital mediums, social media continues to evolve at prolific speeds and the companies and marketers that manage to keep up with new social media trends, stay one step ahead of competitors.
Take live streaming as an example of a social media trend poised to remain in the social spotlight in 2016. As popular live streaming apps, such as Blab and Periscope continue to add new features, businesses have the opportunity to reach out and generate interest to consumers by live streaming directly to their newsfeeds.
Video innovation
More video innovation on social platforms is also set to be a driving social trend for 2016, for the savviest of brands to pick up on and exploit. As econsultancy writes:
“With the launch of 360 video on Facebook we expect to see a lot more creative video content in 2016.”
“Brands such as Mountain dew, AT&T, Nestle, Monelez, Coca Cola and Samsung, amongst others have been given early access to the new virtual reality style ads which have allowed the brands to be very creative.”
As online marketing becomes increasingly innovative, interactive and fresh, in order to remain competitive and to enjoy the growth savvy digital marketing creates, brands need to keep a discerning eye on new trends, platforms and innovations emerging within this fast-paced environment.
If you would like to discuss any element of online marketing and how it can help your company experience growth, get in touch with Effective Group, specialists in creating digital marketing campaigns that work.