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How to make digital content go viral

How to make digital content go viral

Producing engaging digital content can potentially attract new clients and heighten a company’s credibility. But how can you format your online content so it will maximise the amount of people that read and share it? In other words, how can you make your digital content ‘go viral’?

To produce a format for digital content to go viral, it is essential to understand the reasons why people share content in the first place.

Research conducted by The New York Times found that some of the principle reasons for sharing content were primarily for self-fulfilment, people found it made them feel more involved in the world.

The study also found that it helped people to stay connected with others and it allowed them to share content about causes that they have an affinity for. It is also widely regarded that people also share content to warn others of potential danger and to share helpful tips and advice.

The potential if your content goes viral

Digital Marketing Institute, highlighted the enormous success of a post named – ‘21 things you know only if you have been friends for 10 years’. The post was shared an astounding 1.6 million times, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest being the main avenues people shared it on.

The success of the article’s viral status is attributed to the writer following some of the principle formats that are known to engage people’s interest.

Leading UK content marketers, Effective-Group, examine some of the methods used to help your content go viral.

Top tips for making your digital content go viral

LISTS: This was the method used in the afore-mentioned article. It is one of the simplest ways for viewers to consume written content. By creating your content in the format of ‘The best 3 ways’ or ‘The top 10 tips’ you will be following a tried and trusted method that is regarded that gets most shares.

Challenge established thinking: This form of digital content is also renowned for gaining the public’s interest. Challenging the norm can provide you with a very eye-catching title that will compel people to read further.

Entrepreneur and small business expert – Carol Roth – states that she received: “A lot of click-through and social sharing” for her article titled ‘Why smart people make bad entrepreneurs’. It is certainly, a thought provoking headline that grabs attention.

Myth Busting: This is a compelling method to attract a following and is also proven to be extremely shareable. However, with this method it is imperative that you deliver what you promise, otherwise the article will fail. Consider the title you would like to run with, but be cautious that your article will need to dispel a belief. If you can link your myth busting article with the list format mentioned previously, then all the better.

Head to head: Part of the make-up of the human psyche is our interest in competition. As such, comparing different groups is a great way of creating interest. Therefore, by creating a post with a competitive angle such as – cats v dogs, SME’s v national corporations – you will be creating an article that caters for that level of the human psyche.

For instance, your title could read – ‘Why there should be more women than men in every boardroom’ – Thus bringing a sense of rivalry to your article.

Humour: People love to laugh and we tend to like people who can make us laugh. It is also a reason why people love to share funny content online and is one of the main reasons that articles go viral.

It is reported that Andy Borowitz’ article for The New Yorker, titled – ‘Earth endangered by new strain of fact-resistant humans’ got an astonishing 1.5 million shares. Of course, it is easy to offend people, so even if your article is meant to be a light-hearted jibe, it is advisable to show caution when using this format.

Forums: A great way to reach a large audience quickly is to post a snippet of your title on forums or groups that are related to the topic that you are writing about. Always be sure to include your name, your website and the blog URL so that it links to where the article is located.

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The new blogging

Why podcasting is hailed as the new blogging

Blogging has long been established as being an integral part of most businesses’ digital marketing strategy. However, despite being around since the start of the millennium, podcasting’s popularity is on the rise and many organisations are now accepting that podcasting is becoming the new blogging.

Naturally, the popularity of blogging means that it is set to remain at the forefront of any digital marketing strategy. However, businesses worldwide are putting extra resources into developing their podcast to attract extra business opportunities.

Writing for New York Magazine – Kevin Roose, has noticed the surge in podcasts popularity, he states:

“What’s happening? And why now? The word podcast is roughly ten years old, after all, and the “pod” to which it refers has been discontinued. Still, the genre seems more alive than ever. I spoke to the people behind several popular shows, and they agreed: We’re in a golden age of podcasting.”

Why the upsurge in podcast popularity?

Podcasts resurgence has largely been attributed to the fact that consumers enjoy being able to listen to it – ‘on the go’. Indeed, it can be very engaging to listen to, whilst attacking the household chores or used as a motivating factor when used doing a workout at the gym.

However, it is reported that the future of podcasting, and the principle reason for its rise in recent years, has mostly been due to consumers enjoying listening to shows whilst driving. Statistics show that an estimated 44% of radio listening is done whilst driving. It has also been stated that by the year 2025 – 100% of cars will have internet connectivity of some kind. Therefore, it is easy to see the potential for the podcast market here.

In his interview for Forbes, respected podcaster – Jordan Harbinger – confirms where he sees the future for podcasting:

“When that happens and there are podcasts in everybody’s car, it’s not podcasts anymore,” says Harbinger. “It’s just the radio.”

Reasons why podcasting is becoming the new blogging

A less crowded market: Currently, there are a lot fewer podcasts available than blog articles. Blogging can be easier to get your digital strategy started, however it can be incredibly difficult to get your article noticed online due to the many that already exist.

Although building a following for your podcast may take time and perseverance, for every topic of discussion imaginable, there are almost certainly less podcasts available than blog articles. Therefore, by producing an engaging and well-researched show, you are entering a niche market that is less saturated.

Listen on the go: In relation to blogging, readers must provide their undivided attention. It’s hard to read whilst doing a workout at the gym and practically impossible to complete any household chores whilst reading.

As afore-mentioned in this article, this is where podcasting has a huge advantage over blogging as it fits into today’s busy lifestyle.

Reachability through smartphones: Another great benefit of podcasting is that you can engage with people at any time.  We have already discussed how podcasts renaissance was largely attributed to its ease of use for people when ‘on the go’.  Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and the numbers of users is only set to increase.

Smartphone technology allows people to listen to their favourite shows almost anywhere, whereas reading a blog through a smartphone can be more awkward, especially if you are walking somewhere at the time.

Podcast directories: Podcast directories – such as iTunes, have very user friendly interfaces that make it very easy to find the content that you are looking for. Therefore, there is an excellent chance that people who have never seen your blog, will still discover your podcast.

Audio versus text: Audio is an excellent way for a listener to gauge the mood and emotion of a presenter. Although writers are certainly highly adept at conveying emotion through the written word, listening to a host or presenter via podcast or radio, helps to gain a bond of trust and aides in identify with them through their voice.

It can also help create extra excitement and urgency, this can be especially advantageous if you are trying to market a product. An advertisement in written form seldom captures the passion and excitement that can be generated by a podcast hosts voice when promoting their product or service.

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What’s guesting and how it can help build your podcast audience

What’s guesting and how it can help build your podcast audience

The podcast renaissance of recent years has seen an increase in businesses using this niche market to attract new customers. However, building an audience can be challenging and it can be hugely disheartening when the hard work put in to creating a podcast doesn’t gain the desired following. So, have you ever considered how being a guest on someone else’s show can greatly enhance your own podcast’s popularity?


Guesting is a great way of using your field of expertise to attract new audiences to another host’s podcast. What’s in it for me I hear you ask? Well, once you have awed the listeners with your insightful and engaging interview, that very same audience that you have just captivated will likely search your name via the internet and share the results with their friends. This will inevitably result in an extra flow of visitors to your website and a new audience to your podcast.

Each host will probably have a preferred format to air their show. Therefore, before you consider guesting, it is imperative to become familiar with the differing broadcast presentations that are used. Some of the most popular formats are:

Host interview: This method is where the host is responsible for the entire production and delivery of the show and invites guest speakers onto the show to interview.

Pre-recorded episode: This is where an episode is pre-recorded and then edited. The finished broadcast is then attached to the host’s RSS feed.

Pre-recorded clip: this format is where a clip is pre-recorded and is aired during the hosts podcast.

How can Guesting benefit your business?

Entrepreneur – Richard Norton, has maximised the potential of guesting and an his success is highlighted in a Forbes’ article, stating:

About 80% or more of my current leads for business come from people who’ve heard me on a podcast”

“The real revelation that podcast ‘guesting’ is the ultimate PR came when I had a month that produced approximately $300K in bookings, and when I looked back to analyse my progress, I realized that almost all of the new business I’d closed came from podcasts

“I have people reaching out pretty much daily about the various offers I’ve made on hundreds of podcasts over the last several years.”

Top tips for successful Guesting

Select appropriate podcasts: To build your audience through guesting, it is essential that you select relevant shows to guest on. Therefore, consider your existing audience and the type of audience you are looking to attract. After you have established the profile of your ideal listener, search for podcasts that have the similar audience to the one that you are searching for.

An easy way to start is to do an online search using keywords for the industry you work in. Searching podcast directories such as iTunes is essential. iTunes has an estimated 250,000 podcasts, so your almost guaranteed to find suitable podcasts that cater for your field of expertise.

Effective Research: Before offering your services to a host, it is imperative that you are well prepared and well researched. It is advisable to listen to a few shows that your prospective host has already aired. Not only will this allow you to establish whether-or-not the show is suitable for you, it will also show the host that you have taken an interest in what they provide. This will help you to form a good first impression and help form an ongoing relationship, should your pitch be successful.

Also, be sure to establish the audience size that the show is currently attracting before proposing your services to them. Many podcasts have a modest following and therefore may not warrant your hard-work and time.

Add value: A host is unlikely to be impressed if you use their show to simply promote your own company and the services that you offer. It is imperative that you add value to the show by providing the insight that the host has acquired your services for.

To help build an ongoing relationship with the host, it is courteous to end the show with thanks to the host for inviting you onto to the show and express the enjoyment you have had.

Stay connected: After you have delivered your top-class broadcast and impressed your host, it is advised that you try to establish an ongoing relationship. For future networking purposes, this will be mutually beneficial to both parties as it will lead to introductions to new clients, other podcasting hosts and many other fruitful engagements.

Be sure to give the host a good rating on podcast directories, and offer to help them in any way possible. Invite them to speak as a guest on your podcast or introduce them to other potential guests. The greater the bond you can establish, the greater the future opportunities will be.

If you need the best advice on how guesting can benefit your business, contact the podcasting professionals at Effective Group.  Our expertise will help you to maximise your podcast potential and advise you how to get the maximum out of guesting.