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Effective Group launch new podcasting services

Podcasting is on the increase, in fact more people are listening and watching podcasts now than ever before – the numbers have doubled since 2008*.

The growth in listeners means businesses can start to use podcasts to drive traffic to their website and engage customers on a regular basis.

We’re pleased to offer the following services to our clients to help them maximise this potential opportunity.

Podcast Production – We’ll make it look good and sound great. You can record it or we can do it for you.

Podcast Marketing – We’ll support the podcast with a webpage and keywords to help it rise up the rankings on Google and iTunes, so you can reach more people.

Podcast Monetisation – We’ll provide the statistics and target advertisers who will pay to feature on your podcast.

It’s a whole new way to reach your target audience and drive income. An estimated 39 million people in the US have listened to a podcast in the last month and it’s growing in the UK too.

Subscribers get alerted every time you publish a new podcast and they can download and listen / watch as many times as they want.

Have a think about how podcasting could help your business and then give us a call for a chat. We’ve got loads of examples we can show you of how Podcasts have helped other businesses grow their subscriber lists.

* http://www.journalism.org/2015/04/29/podcasting-fact-sheet/