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How to design landing pages that will win you clients

You’ve spent time agonising over the design and structure of your website and after much hard work you are happy with the end-result. However, to maximise the potential of your site, it is imperative to make sure you are visible and accessible to internet traffic. To do this, the design of your landing page should be maximised to win you clients.

Landing pages are entry points for your website or a section of your website. By assuring that your landing page is well designed, you give your business the best opportunity of increased sales conversions via your website.

Writing for Finance Feeds, Adinah Brown of Leverate, explains how a well-designed landing page can attract more sales for businesses:

“A quality landing page is most conspicuous for its attention grabbing headlines and persuasive CTAs (Call To Action) and getting them right will be the defining attribute towards making your landing page a success. Often it’s a case of simply having big and highly visual fonts, which has been known to increase conversion rates by as much as 133%,” says Adinah Brown.

Useful tips for creating an effective landing page

Understand your customer: Obviously, it is imperative to establish your target market and by defining the profile of your ideal customer you place yourself in an excellent position to attract new business. Once you have painted a picture of who your customer is, you will find it easier to tailor your strategy and use your resources to suite that profile.

Encourage website subscription: An effective way of gathering a potential pool of customers is by enticing them to subscribe to your website. By visiting your website they have already shown an interest in the products that you supply, therefore it is useful if you can encourage them to re-visit as often as possible.

This can be achieved by running incentives on your landing page. It is imperative that any incentives that you provide are relevant and engaging to your audience. Try to avoid gimmicks such as offering a free mouse mat or pen. Instead try to offer an incentive that will add value to your customers’ everyday life – such as an e-book that offers useful tips and advice – which is relevant to the service that you provide.

The Finance Feed report shows that GrooveHQ discovered that over 8% of visitors to their website would register if there was an incentive running, and of that figure, 11% would convert into buying customers.

Provide content generated by clients: This is an excellent means to establishing buyer trust. We live in a world of cyber fraud and ‘cowboy’ tradesman, so even in this modern digital world, positive word of mouth is largely regarded as the best advertisement your business can have. Consider this, as a consumer – if your friend, neighbour or family member has had a great experience form a company and speak about them in glowing terms, you are much more likely to have faith dealing with that company yourself. Therefore, it is advisable that any positive feedback your business receives – whether it be from customers, regulatory bodies or from other companies – is displayed on your landing page.

State what makes your business special: Once you have gained the attention of your website visitor, it is essential that you emphasise the quality and benefits of the products that you supply so that your prospective customer will gain confidence in your brand. In essence, you’re telling the customer why they should buy your product.

Customers love video content: Video content helps to establish trust for consumers and a short introductory video, explaining what your business is all about and the services or products you offer, helps to establish buyer confidence. The landing page is an excellent means to deliver this and will save the visitor from any extra reading.

Provide consumer confidence by displaying reviews: It is accepted that up to 88% of consumers put their trust in testimonials and reviews. It is advisable to place reviews of your products and services on you landing page. This will not only promote what you offer, but also give visitors peace of mind of the company they are buying from and the purchase they are about to make.

For expert advice on how to design the perfect landing page, and with all other aspects of digital marketing, contact the professionals at Effective Group. We’ll guide you on how to maximise profit from your website.