Podcast Monetisation

What is it?

Simply, advertising and / or sponsorship that is placed on Podcasts. You can attract external advertisers for your podcasts and earn income from it. With 2.6 billion requests to download podcasts in 2014* companies are queuing up to place targeted adverts.

Our approach

Using Google Analytics and podcast metrics we’ll find out the right demographics to target and then promote your podcast to relevant advertisers. We’ll sort all the data and find the right deals for you. There’s no fee, we just share the income from the advertising. Rates can be very attractive and you get to keep two thirds of all the income. Not a bad little earner.

Benefits to you

  • Podcasting is increasing – an estimated 39 million people in the US have listened to a podcast in the last month*.
  • Technology has made podcasting easier. People can now download and listen on mobile devices.
  • Our experience in content marketing means we understand how to find the right deals.
  • We’ll handle everything but you get to keep two thirds of the income.


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