Podcast Production

What it is?

Podcasting is the regular distribution of audio and video communications for a targeted audience. So, you decide on an interesting topic and record the content. We’ll make it look good and sound great and then we’ll publish it to your subscribers. People are listening to podcasts now more than ever; in fact the numbers have doubled since 2008*. Once subscribed the listener gets automatic updates when a new podcast is released and they can download it and listen to it at their leisure. It’s a great way to reach your target audience.

Our approach

Like we said, we’ll take your content and make it look great. So we’ll reduce any interference, we’ll take out the bits you don’t want so it runs smoothly and we’ll add titles, music and links as needed. You’ll get a great finished product that’s ready to publish. If you don’t want to record the content yourself, then we can also do that for you, so just let us know.

Benefits to you

  • People listening to podcasts is on the increase so building your subscriber list now is essential
  • Our SEO experience means we understand the importance of links and getting the right titles.
  • We can edit your content or help you record it
  • We don’t just provide production packages, we’ll help you publish it, market it and find advertising.

* http://www.journalism.org/2015/04/29/podcasting-fact-sheet/

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