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Preparing a social media marketing strategy for 2017? Why Instagram should be part of it

Preparing a social media marketing strategy for 2017? Why Instagram should be part of it

Since the dawn of the social media age, the digital landscape has been dominated by the twin social media super powers of Facebook and Twitter. The rapid rise in popularity of social media allowed companies to develop a digital marketing strategy to include these platforms. However, businesses are now discovering the benefits the many attributes that Instagram has as part of their marketing strategy.

Year on year, Instagram is growing in popularity and according to an article written for Brandwatch, Instagram now has an estimated 400 million active users. Therefore, with an estimated 60% of its users logging in daily, this makes Instagram the second most frequently used platform behind Facebook.

Shortpress confirms the benefits Instagram brings to businesses. Online fashion brand, Showpro, has used Instagram as part of their digital marketing strategy to great effect. The article states Showpro boast a Facebook support of 476,000 followers, but this figure is dwarfed by the staggering 571,000 followers it has on Instagram. Chief executive of Showpro – Jane Lu –  believes that the cost of reaching customers via ads on Facebook is a contributory factor for the drop in the reach for organic posts. Instagram, on the other hand, is claiming up to 8000 ‘likes’ for Showpro’s product and lifestyle posts.

Lisa Montenegro is founder and president at Digital Marketing Experts – DMX. Writing for Forbes, Montenegro confirms the positive impact Instagram is having on businesses, stating:

“When our clients added Instagram advertising to their Facebook ad campaigns, we expected big things – double the results. On average, their Instagram ads are collecting about four times the number of likes as their counterpart ads on Facebook. Dollar for dollar, the number of impressions seems to be about the same on the two platforms, but getting someone to absorb and engage with a post seems to be easier on Instagram.”

 Top hints for using Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy

Instagram Profiles: Initially Instagram was available on iPhone and Android, but in 2012, Instagram launched Instagram profiles. This gave marketers the ability to promote their products and services on other devices other than just mobiles.

Many companies now use Instagram pictures to create a collection of images which relate to their businesses history and activity. Almost anything can be promoted using this tool, such as conferences, events, products and services.

Use the Instagram web page to put a feature together using the pictures. It’s advised to have a mixture of business and fun pictures to make it more engaging to your audience.

Envisage carefully how you your Instagram account should look once it is completed. You can add calls to actions alongside the images and you can also include pictures of employees that work for your organisation with some information of their job profile.

Make your bio engaging: Your business name and the description of what your company provides should be brief and to the point. Endeavour to keep it light-hearted and interesting and not too sales driven as this can be off putting to some viewers.

Design a bio that will be engaging to your audience and which correlates with the character of images that you use. Remember, your Instagram viewers will need to read through your profile before they decide to follow you, therefore it is essential that your bio catches their attention.

There is no real benefit to using keywords in your bio as they won’t be searchable. However, you may find it useful to include the hashtag your associated with if you are running a hashtag campaign. Your bio can always be modified to suite your latest promotion or activity as you go along. However, always remember to provide a link to the products and services that you are promoting.

Gain a following by providing engaging postings: It is reported that 90% of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual and it is believed that this is a primary reason for Instagram’s’ popularity.

This evidence is also backed up with the knowledge that posts on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, receive twice the number comments on posts that contain an image, compared to those that contain text only. Therefore, when you are developing your Instagram account, make sure your postings are fun, informative and relevant to the audience that you seek to gain.

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