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Product List Ad’s Continued Success

40% of people buy on impulse – no wonder Product Listing Ad’s continue to be successful

Recent figures confirm that Product Listing Ad’s are the future and continue to grow in popularity. Data released showed that the total spend on PLA’s had increased by 71% per quarter by the end of 2013 with a year on year growth of 164%*. So what is driving people to divert spend to PLA’s?

Well it’s the growth of mobile searches and shopping really. It was confirmed in a study on mobile banking by ING this week, that one in four people regularly shop on impulse**. So people look for easy ways to do this and browsing online is one of the easiest ways. With phones and tablets now you can browse anywhere at any time of the day. There’s also the demand to know information quicker because we all lead busy lives and PLA’s make this easier. They’re images selected and displayed by Google on a relevant search. So instead of searching and getting a website that you then have to click through, the customer can instantly see a picture of the product, where it is from and how much it is. The customer can see what they want and buy it there and then and an image aids impulse buying much better than just text.

From a business point of view it’s a more targeted way of promoting your best products. It can be better value than an AdWord campaign and bring a higher return on investment. Google has confirmed that businesses have experienced higher click through rates with images. In fact the number of impressions and clicks year on year for PLA’s rose 83%* showing that consumers are really taking to this format.

It still works on a cost per click basis and getting the targeting right is essential as you will be instantly compared with other products, but it’s a great way of attracting quick online sales. Just drop us an email if you want to know more about Product Listing Adverts, we’ll be happy to help.

*Data released by The Search Agency January 2014 as reported by e-marketer 7/2/2014, www.e-marketer.com
** One in four Mobile Bankers compared with 28% non mobile bankers. ING International Survey.
Financial Empowerment in the Digital Age 2014. Mobile Banking, Social Media and Financial Behaviour. Conducted by Ipsos on behalf of ING. This survey was conducted by Ipsos between 20
February and 14 March 2014 using internet-based polling and, in Poland, a portion of telephone based polling. Surveyed 12,403 across Europe including the UK. http://www.ezonomics.com May 2014.

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