Google Product Listing Ads = Stand Out For Your Products

Product Listing Ads Management

What it is

Product listing ads are images selected by Google and displayed on a relevant search. It’s designed to help browsers compare products and works on a cost per click basis. By placing similar products next to each other it allows the browser to make a quicker decision. It also increases competition so you need to get the targeting right.

Our approach

We use analysis to assess your product performance, decide on your category selection and manage your bidding strategy. Regular analysis ensures you are always maximising online sales. Our planning includes researching the market so you get a targeted approach that will produce maximum revenue for minimum cost.

Benefits to you

● It’s more targeted, so it can be better value than an Adwords campaign for the right products, with a higher return on investment
● Google state that businesses have experienced higher click through rates with images than just text
● You get more visibility as more than one image can appear at the same time and your text search may also appear, so you double your exposure
● Along with the image you also get to display, price, company name and website
● Perfect for e-commerce websites