SEO = Search Engine Optimisation


What it is

Search Engine Optimisation is about assessing content and improving where you appear on Google. 93% of browsers use Google to find services and many won’t scroll past the 1st page. You have to make sure you are there!

Our approach

Before we start making recommendations we analyse where you are currently. We look at what needs fixing, what your objectives are and provide a full proposal. We’ll even predict where we expect you to rank. We look at all aspects such as keywords, social media, offsite links and are always fully up to date with the changing requirements.

Benefits to you

● We look after over 90 SEO campaigns and over 90% of our clients are on page 1
● Over 70% of our customers appear on the first page of Google in the first 3 months of working with us
● We keep up to date with Google’s changing rules so you are always in the best position
● There is no point having a great website if no one can see it
● We offer a rolling monthly fee with no contract