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Sequenced adverts work best on Facebook

According to a new study click-through rates increase when an advert is part of a sequence. So much so that people who went to the landing pages increased by 87% and people who subscribed to the e-newsletter by 56%*.

The study featured three groups. The first group was shown gradual adverts over a twelve day period. A series focusing on brand awareness, product features and then the call to action with e-newsletter sign up. The second was shown three call to action adverts, for four days each and the final group was used as a control and not shown any adverts.

The results were interesting. People prefer to be told a story. They like to learn about the brand before the call to action is thrust upon them. And who can blame them. We know that purchasing online involves trust and brand awareness is a big factor of that.

We’re also human and sometimes shun away from the “Buy now!” demands. So by telling us a story about the brand, then informing us about the products and finally asking for the call to action seems a much nicer approach doesn’t it? The same could be applied to social media updates as well, so think about it in relation to your social strategy.

By using a sequence of adverts like this we can control when and how often messages are displayed much easier too, targeting key audiences and time of day. It could support natural SEO and drive traffic to your website. Why not try it with content marketing, where articles are placed on appropriate sites to generate web traffic. The client in the study also said that they gained a better quality of customer overall as well as increasing their return on investment.

If you’d like to discuss your social media strategy or just look at options available to you in terms of online and social media advertising or content marketing, just give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

*The Science of Social Media Advertising, A Research Study on Sequenced for Call to Action vs. Sustained Call to Action. Presented by Adaptly, Refinery 29 and Facebook. May 2014, www.adaptly.com.

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