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Social Media – Have you taken the plunge?

There’s an expectation these days that businesses large and small must have an online social presence that includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Of course, when used well, social media can be really effective. It can help raise your online profile, reach new audiences, help SEO and build credibility for you as an expert. However, it has to be thought through carefully. You have to pick the right social platforms for you. It’s a powerful medium and it gets out there straight away, so you need to think carefully about what you put out and how you respond. So, if you’re setting out down this route, here are a few handy hints to get you started:

Check your website supports what you are saying and looks the business – readers of your blog/tweets/Facebook page will check it out so you should be completely happy with it.

Get a Social Media Strategy – it’s tempting to plunge in and fire off tweets and blogs as and when but think about what you’re trying to achieve and try and plan updates.

Think about your audience and platform – like any marketing activity, for it to work, you need to know your audience, their needs and how to reach them. So, if your customers spend a couple of hours on facebook everyday that’s where you need to be.

Think content – heavy sales speak will soon turn people off. Content should be useful and user-friendly. Listen to your audience and take note of questions and opinions posted. If you help people by providing fresh and informative copy they will ‘like’ and ‘share’ – exactly what you want to get your brand out there.

Don’t forget your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – social media works well alongside SEO. In fact, search engines use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for signs that content is used and valued. It all helps push you up the rankings.

Monitor your company’s online reputation – any online content, positive or negative, affects how people view your business. 83% of consumers say online reviews influence their perceptions about companies and 80% agree that negative online comments changed their purchasing decision*. So, it’s essential that you monitor what people are saying about you regularly and act on it.

Pulling everything together, social media, SEO, web updates may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. We can help freshen up your website, use independent SEO reviews to maximize your Google visibility and recommend the right approach for your social media activity too. Just give us a call to discuss how we can help your business.

*source: eMarketer.com via http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/tools-monitor-online-reputation/ 11th June 2014