Social Media = Engagement with your Online Audience

Social Media

What it is

Social Media is a great way to start a conversation with your next best client. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn you can update your target audience with information that will help drive traffic and business.

Our approach

There are so many platforms for social media and it’s about finding the ones that are right for the target markets you are trying to tap into. It’s a useful tool but the focus should always be to generate traffic and income. We assess all platforms and look at your other web activity as well before suggesting any actions. We link it with your website, your search campaigns and any content marketing so it all works together. We remove all the hassle of updating, so you have more time to work on your business.

Benefits to you

● Google as we know it is becoming Google+. An active Google+ presence WILL increase your visibility on page one of Google
● Coordinating updates across all web activity shows a consistent brand message
● Updates can increase awareness of offers and promotions
● Linking to knowledgeable articles and blogs can increase your credibility
● It provides yet another source of visibility on the internet