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Our top ten tips for great SEO

  1. Make it easy for links to be found on your website – Name pages and menu options the things people will be looking for. How a customer refers to your product may be different to what you call it.
  2. Use fresh content – Make sure your content is up-to-date. Refresh pages and feature new content like blogs, news items or specific pages.
  3. Don’t duplicate copy – Search engines really frown on this, so make sure every page has its own copy, page heading and meta description.
  4. Link to and from social media – Grow your presence but also help your search by featuring keywords in your profile.
  5. Don’t overload with keywords – A few good targeted keywords in fresh copy is much better than a list of links at the bottom of a page.
  6. Set up Google Analytics – Learn what pages people click on when visiting your website. That way you’ll know what’s popular and you can produce more pages like that.
  7. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – If you were searching online for your product or service, what would you put in? If it’s a question then feature an FAQs page or write the question into your copy.
  8. Make the most of any images – Spiders can’t search any text that is part of an image. They can see the alt text you attach to that image though. So always add a title description to an image or alternative text and be as descriptive as possible.
  9. Use your social media – Share links and updates in tweets, especially from Google+. If you feature a new blog or news item get it out there!
  10. Be careful with links – Too many and it could act as a negative. Choose relevant directories, governing bodies or membership institutes that will give you credibility.

And if you simply don’t know where to start or you’re wondering why you have dropped off Page 1, then drop us a line. We have independent software that analyses your SEO so we’re always open with you and you can see the assessment. We also get results. Over 70% of our customers appear on the first page of Google in the first 3 months of working with us. And we only operate on a monthly rolling basis. You can’t say better than that!